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Now and then of stage "Narumi" of Tokaido History of local. Found by journalist's eyes. Eight in May August 9


Naumi, the Narumi, and written Narumi prosper as a stage in Tokaido, and are known towns as for squeezing name. The footprint where people lived remains from of old as ruins. The history from ancient times becomes lively with consecutive as appearance in the document transmitted to Shousou-in etc. today.

The material such as the prints and excavated articles that has been collected up to now is exhibited. It introduces it with the newspaper article that covers the now and then of attractive "Narumi".

It holds it in the first floor in Araki collection pavilion exhibition room at 13 o'clock of the exhibition briefing May 24.

Exhibitor's Toshiyuki Ogo explains the exhibit.

Araki Syuseikan Museum


Welcome to araki syuseikan museum!!Araki syuseikan museum is the small museum.

The museum exhibits collection of Mr. Araki.

The museum exhibits the earthenware and pottery and chinaware from the Jomon period (B.C.) to the modern period.

Nagoya city lies midway between Tokyo and Osaka (and Kyoto).

And Tenpaku-ku lies to the east of the city.

616Nakahira 5chome,Tenpaku-ku,Nagoya,Aichi,JAPAN



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Admission Free(1year)

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The museum gives the leaflet of the exhibition to members each time.

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The bulletin is issued once a year. This is for you.

(Written by Araki Syuseikan Museum members)

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The museum invites Museum members to an explanatory meeting of the exhibition six(or seven) times a year.(Only the Japanese language